Saturday, January 30, 2010

Downsizing - EBay Sale

I sold something on ebay that I have been meaning to sell for close to 10 years! It was a ceramic Lladro figure. I always wanted to sell it and meant to because I felt uncomfortable moving such a fragile item from storage shelf to storage shelf! Finally I took the few minutes to list it. Actually, I had to list it 3 times before it sold, and I had to reduce the price twice. But, I'm glad I did what was needed, because someone now is happy to have the Lladro; and it is not broken, and I got good feedback from the transaction! "Exactly as described" was what the feedback said; that's good feedback indeed!

There was one problem for me. When I sell an item, I want to be sure the buyer receives the item and accepts it before I leave feedback. I put a little card into my items that asks the buyer to acknowledge receipt by leaving feedback for me, and I say I will then leave feedback for them. But no; that's not the way things are "done" these days. Buyers expect you to leave good feedback for them as soon as they pay. And, I guess people also don't read the small print on the cards I send, even though it's just one sentence. But, if the buyer gives the seller a hassle after receiving the item and the good feedback, then the buyer already has the good feedback and the seller can get stuck with bad feedback. I think ebay may be changing their feedback system...again. Perhaps with the maturity of the website and the clientele, all the angles have been discovered and there is no way to keep everyone happy.

Distraction - Outer Things

Right in front of me is a Costco sales brochure for February. It's short enough that I can look at every item and decide whether or not to buy it. But it's long enough to take 5-10 minutes. Then there is a newsletter from a social group I belong to. I can look at it and decide what events to attend; 15 minutes. I actually also have to write an article for next month's newsletter because I am the Chair of a committee for the group; 30 minutes. That's close to an hour just for today's mail. And there was actually more mail...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Distraction - The Holidays!

I had thoughts and experiences about downsizing during the holidays, but I was too busy getting ready for parties to write anything! I had a smattering of parties among my local friends, plus my husband's work party and a party my brother was giving in NYC for his 40th anniversary. It was the New York party and the work party that distracted me. I wanted to look good for both parties, and I wanted to be warm in NYC. The goals turned into a fashion fiasco!

I tried on everything I owned, and I found a dress I had bought on a lark in high school that I honestly thought was very weird back then but that I have always loved. I used to wear the dress with long boots, and boots are in this year, only with very short skirts. So, I bought a pair of short boots and shortened the dress to look good. I loved the outfit! But my kids said it might not be appropriate for a conservative party.

So then it became all about the boots! I wanted to wear the cool short boots. So, to be fashionable, I would need a skirt just the right amount of short or a pair of skinny pants and a top that would work with them. I shopped and shopped and shopped. Mall, outlet mall, online, individual stores: everywhere! I shopped for skinny pants and tops, for dresses to go with leggings and short boots, and for accessories that would go with my standard "little black dress,."

My dear friend, Linda, who is the smallest of them all, loaned me 2 black dresses that are a little big for her. One was a little tight and very short but provided a gorgeous, classy, and warm dressy outfit. The other was a little dull but comfortable and warm.

After shopping, I had bought a bunch of things: pants, tops to go with pants, a jacket for my dress, purple patterned leggings... I tried everything on with everything!

For one of the local parties, I wore my old dress with the boots. I got lots of comments and compliments. Some people immediately knew it was a dress from the old days; that impressed me! It was a lot of fun. But I decided to go more conservative with the other parties.

I don't remember what I put together for the office party! I really don't! I was deciding up to the last minute, and I wore a short dressy jacket. I wore the boots, and I think I might have worn the skinny pants. It was not a standout outfit, but I felt like I looked good, respectable, and respectful.

For New York, I went with my standard black dress with the new short velvet jacket I had bought, and regular shoes. I looked fine. People were fairly conservative there, as my sister-in-law had told me they would be. I looked fine and fit in.

I like to fit in, though sometimes I like to stand out a bit!

These clothing considerations were the biggest distraction and time-sucker of the holidays! I spent a lot of time cooking for parties and going to parties, too. It was a fun time! But, I can't help wondering what I might have gotten "done" if it hadn't been for my frantic fashion frenzy!