Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Days and Many Activities Later

Lots of activity this past week or maybe two, but not too much along the downsizing line.

I have fed the cat a lot! He seems to be eating excessive amounts and not gaining weight.

We went to the mountains for a week. Had a great time, in spite of a general agreement that the theme of the trip turned out to be "It could have been much worse." As in "it could have been 95 degrees instead of about 90 degrees during the hours between noon and 6 pm each day, even though the weather charts we had used to plan the trip had indicated that the high would be 80 degrees." As in "it could have rained more than 2 evenings, each storm leaving us wallowing in mud 2 inches thick under our shoes and having to carry the dog to the tent or clean her muddy feet with a towel before allowing her in." As in "the car could have been stuck for longer than a half hour in the mud and could have even required some kind of rescue." As in "the rattlesnake that crawled under my chair in the campsite could have..."

We did downsize by one leaky, ripped, poorly designed tent and one ripped and frayed tarp. The tarp covered the load in the back of the pickup on the way. It ripped along a seam close to the rear of the truck, in a line parallel to the tailgate. We drove all the way with the top layer of the tarp ballooning up about 2 feet. Fortunately, there was a layer of tarp under the ripped one that did not rip and did protect the load from the rain along the way, for the most part.

I have been thinking about my downsizing project. Mostly, I keep thinking how much I would rather be creating something that will turn lucrative or entering an exciting paid position somewhere fabulous. But I do feel that my work is ready for me at home. I started reading "Getting Things Done." I hope to get it finished soon and start a grand list of things. I keep thinking of things to put on the list, big things like paint the house and small things like...well, I really ought to get that list started, because even though I know I have thought of a lot of things to put on my list, I am drawing a blank right now.

I will probably spend the rest of this week and next getting ready for other things, including a dinner party with friends and a trip to my high school reunion. We're making Indian food, which will require much cookbook perusal and perhaps some shopping, and of course long conversations on the phone and via email. And, of course, I have to get away and go to my high school to see one person I really want to see, 4 or 5 I have fond feelings for, and 60 or so that I have no feelings for. I did think it would be good to get away and especially go to the beach, when I made the reservation in May. That was before quitting my job and going camping. But, I am looking forward to the trip. The socializing and the beach. And reading in the plane. It will be nice to not be driving!

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